Website Design & Development

Building a new website well or redesigning an existing site  requires an understanding of the business and its goals. Visual design is often the most exciting, but strategy and development are equally as important. When creating a website, it is important to break down the process into strategy, design and development.


Strategy is the first step of the website building process.  Begin with the big questions:

  • What is your company’s purpose? sell? someone's problem?

  • Name your top 3 target market categories and the top 5 prospects in each?

  • External Audience -Who is your external target audience?....consumer?, buyer? CEO orCEO's assistant?

  • Internal Audience - Who will use the site internally and what are their needs?

  • How many products and/or services do you offer?

  • Do you have enough content for inbound marketing?

  • Do you know who are your top 5 competitors are? and offline?

  • In 10 seconds or less what differentiates you from your best competitors?

  • Responsive Design-Desktop-Tablet-Mobile Phone

Most business leaders have never formally asked, answered or written down many of the strategy questions.  Your website must tell visitors what you do and encourage them to take some type of action.  The strategy step helps Chicago Stream Media understand your business better as if we were a visitor. We often find the strategy step forces business leaders to re-evaluate their business they way the did 3-5-10 years ago. 

A website is usually the first impression that defines your company, its brands, products and services. People typically prefer visually attractive and easy to navigate websites that explain the brand-product-service in a simple, clear manner. Website design is an integral part of that band promotion. 


Design Review

  • UX-User Experience….was it easy to for user to find what they want?

  • UI-User interface…navigation and layout to help the user find what they want. A good user interface can lead to a good user experience.


Design Spotlight

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