Direct Mail....alert, inform, reward

Targeted direct mailing services to generate leads, create awareness of products and services and engage new and existing customers to take action.

Flexible……Chicago Stream Media can play as big or small of a role to meet the needs of your direct mailing effort.

Graphic Design for Mailing

  • Graphic Design services for visual impact

  • Optimize mail items to meet USPS regulations, cost efficiency and timely delivery

  • Design for printability, efficiency and cost effective budgeting

Mailing Lists

  • Mailing List Procurement

  • Mailing List Segmentations…Demographics(Who, what, where)

  • Mailing List review & Prep

Data Services

  • Postal Presort

  • USPS Cass Certification for improved deliverability

  • NCOA-Change of Address scanning and reporting to correct and update mailing lists

  • DPV – Delivery Point Verification

  • Full-Service Intelligent Mail® Barcoding

  • Merge / Purge

  • Carrier Route Code

Mailing Services & Fulfillment

  • Addressing Imaging & Labeling

  • Intelligent Barcoding

  • EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail

    • Target specific neighborhoods, entire towns, zip codes, mailing routes etc…

    • Saturation….target specific carrier routes or even partial mail routes.

  • Postal Automation Discounts

  • Assembly-Multiple piece sorting, folding, insertion, traying

  • Tabbing/Wafer Sealing

  • Stamp Affixing

  • Mail permit Indicia printing(in lieu of stamps)

  • UPS drop shipping for bulk package shipments

Postcard Mail Tracking

  • Are you tracking postcard mailings?… should!

  • Get an email notification if receiver calls, texts or goes to a landing page

  • Track how many and who called the # on the postcard

  • Get receiver to send immediate text to get a discount, request/watch a video, schedule a meeting….whatever action you want

  • Push receiver to a landing page to give them more information, watch a demo, fill out a form

  • Slow responders…..the program can stay live so even if a receiver takes a few weeks to engage you will get a notification email and can see activity

  • Programs can be customized to help engagement and measure responses.